Delivering Yuri's Vodka

After being teleported into a new plan in the aftermath of their battle with Glass Staff. The group finds themselves in the basement of a strange house. Upon leaving the basement they met a man named Yuri. He gives them the task of delivering vodka to a local tavern.

On the way to the tavern, Sven, Lotherine, and Anduin encounter two Lycanthrope. After killing the Lycanthrope, Sven and Lotherine took their armbands that they were wearing.

The group made it to the town and spoke to a guard. The guard told them about a missing shipment of supplies.

The group successfully made it to the tavern where they dropped of Yuri’s vodka. While at the tavern they met two new adventures Cooper; a Human Paladin and A Human Bard.

Delivering Yuri's Vodka

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